iPad Training for Teachers

Course Content The course consists of two, 1.5 hour sessions, and includes the following: iPad purchase options (Education, Refurbished iPads)Basic iPad tutorialsAn introduction to using iPads in a classroom environmentIdeas for classroom implementation of iPadsPresentation of Video examples of teachers using tablets in the classroomiPads for AssessmentCreating content on an iPadApp purchase; Apple Volume Licensing programiPad

Monaghan Education Centre introduces new wellbeing programme for teachers. Known as the ‘Carpe Diem’ Programme for Teacher Wellbeing.

In an increasingly demanding and stressful working environment for our teachers, the Monaghan Education Centre has been looking for new ways to address teacher wellbeing. While in the recent past the focus has been on the wellbeing of students it has been increasingly obvious that many teachers feel that their wellbeing is often neglected and