TL21 Professional Development Programme

As another exceptional school year draws to close we would like to take an opportunity to wish you all every success as you finish out the final term.  We would like to commend school communities for their unwavering commitment to student learning and their innovation in progressing teaching and learning to meet the challenges of the past year.

As we approach the close of the final term we have turned our attention to some programmes in Education Centres which had been suspended due to the constraints presented by school closures. With this in mind we are forwarding information relating to the TL21 partnership programme for post-primary schools initiated by NUI Maynooth and facilitated by Education Centres. We are proposing to offer the TL21 programme from September 2021 to interested schools in our regions.

Following a recent design meeting it Accreditation Overview has been agreed that Monaghan and Navan Education Suppoty Centres will partner for the TL21 programme commencing in September.  This programme offers schools the opportunity to develop professional learning and enable students to take a more active role in their own learning through an active research initiative developed by teacher leaders and supported by the school leadership team. Over the course of the two year initiative each school is supported by a TL21 coordinator as well as the Education Support Centre Director and the Education Department of Maynooth University. This partnership is an important part of the process.  Further information on the programme is provided in the attachment documents. This programme also provides an opportunity for participant teachers to pursue further studies as part of a M.Ed. (Innovative Learning). Details of the accreditation options are set out in the accompanying document.

It is envisaged that this programme will be delivered in blended format- with facilitated workshops delivered online and face-to-face peer learning workshops organized periodically to support participant schools.  We would welcome at this stage expressions of interest from schools who may be interested in participating in the programme. PLEASE REGISTER INTEREST THROUGH OUR  EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM before 23rd September 2023.

Note* Following on from this an introductory workshop will be delivered in September and final applications will be accepted from schools who wish to commit to the programme.

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