At Home during the Covid-19 Pandemic – Advice and Ideas


  • Helping My Child With Homework Word Document

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Helping My Child With Homework


  • Corona Virus Disease (Covid-190 – News Anxiety and Your Ancient Brain: 10 Skills to Manage Anxiety when the News is Scary. 15.11


  • Coranavirus/Covid-19: Department of Education & Skills website


  • Advice for Parents/Guardians-Covid-19

(Irish Primary Teacher)


  • Home Learning – Addressing Teacher Concerns

(Irish Primary Teacher)


  • What can teachers do to help during the Covid-19 Pandemic

(INTO website – including a link with ideas for study and play and some web links for home schooling)


  • American High – School Students Spread Hope During Covid-19 School Closures 3.31


  • St Macartan’s Transition Year class due to stage a production of the famous musical Les Miserables this week has come together for a virtual performance.


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  • How Soap and Water Kills Coronavirus 3.41


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