ResourceLinkVideo Duration (minutes)
MindYourSelfie Classroom Presentation on Mental Health/Secondary School
Video presentation by Dr. Colman Noctor suitable for secondary school students.
Generalised anxiety disorders youtube3.44
Four ways to cope with anxietyyoutube3.38
Overcoming Anxiety/Embrace the Suck/ Jonas Kolker/ TEDxThe MastersSchoolyoutube10
Fight, Flight, Freeze – Anxiety Explained for Teensyoutube2.41
Therapy in a Nutshell – Emma McAdam
Therapy in a Nutshell: Introduction – My Mission – Emma McAdam
The Triune Brainyoutube5.08
Fight Flight Freeze Response – Anxiety Skill #1youtube5.02
How to turn off the Fight, Flight, Freeze Response. Anxiety skill # 4: Grounding- the bottom up approachyoutube6.46
Grounding Exercise: Anxiety Skill #5youtube3.14
Grounding Technique #6: Straighten the Back-Using Posture to Regain Your Poweryoutube5.45
Grounding Activity for Anxiety #7 – Creating a Safe Place.youtube7.46
Grounding Activity for Anxiety #8 – Re-orientating to the Present-Present Moment Awarenessyoutube3.20
Grounding Activity for Anxiety #9 – Breath Countingyoutube3.19
Grounding Activity for Anxiety #10 – Square Breathingyoutube4.59
Grounding Activity: ‘Drawing Safety’ Anxiety Skill #7youtube2.14
Corona Virus Disease (Covid-190 – News Anxiety and Your Ancient Brain: 10 Skills to Manage Anxiety when the News is Scaryyoutube15.11
Pelvic Floor Relaxation (Anxiety Skill #10)youtube4.27
How to Keep Calm Under Pressure – 3 Quick Tipsthekidshouldseethis.com3.42