ResourceLinkVideo Duration (minutes)
Managing School Stress webinar
In this webinar for parents, Elizabeth Charles, Educational Psychologist working with the National Educational Psychology service, talks about managing stresses associated with school.
Building Resilience with Nicola Morgan (17.00)
The Teenage Brain Women, Nicola Morgan, talks about resilience, what it is and gives advice to students on coping with stress and anxiety in difficult times.
MindYourSelfie Classroom Presentation on Mental Health/Secondary School
Video presentation by Dr. Colman Noctor suitable for secondary school students.
Generalised anxiety disorders youtube3.44
Four ways to cope with anxietyyoutube3.38
Overcoming Anxiety/Embrace the Suck/ Jonas Kolker/ TEDxThe MastersSchoolyoutube10
Fight, Flight, Freeze – Anxiety Explained for Teensyoutube2.41
Therapy in a Nutshell – Emma McAdam
Therapy in a Nutshell: Introduction – My Mission – Emma McAdam
The Triune Brainyoutube5.08
Fight Flight Freeze Response – Anxiety Skill #1youtube5.02
How to turn off the Fight, Flight, Freeze Response. Anxiety skill # 4: Grounding- the bottom up approachyoutube6.46
Grounding Exercise: Anxiety Skill #5youtube3.14
Grounding Technique #6: Straighten the Back-Using Posture to Regain Your Poweryoutube5.45
Grounding Activity for Anxiety #7 – Creating a Safe Place.youtube7.46
Grounding Activity for Anxiety #8 – Re-orientating to the Present-Present Moment Awarenessyoutube3.20
Grounding Activity for Anxiety #9 – Breath Countingyoutube3.19
Grounding Activity for Anxiety #10 – Square Breathingyoutube4.59
Grounding Activity: ‘Drawing Safety’ Anxiety Skill #7youtube2.14
Corona Virus Disease (Covid-190 – News Anxiety and Your Ancient Brain: 10 Skills to Manage Anxiety when the News is Scaryyoutube15.11
Pelvic Floor Relaxation (Anxiety Skill #10)youtube4.27
How to Keep Calm Under Pressure – 3 Quick Tipsthekidshouldseethis.com3.42