Due to social distancing restrictions, the Concern Debates programme is now going online.  Due to the increased workload for the Education Centre’s numbers will be limited to ten schools. An online information session for teachers will take place on Tuesday 15th September at 3 p.m.  Please register your interest at HERE

  • Adjudicators will not visit schools to mark debates
  • Schools will not travel to other schools for debates
  • Teachers will be asked to record an individual video of each speaker saying their speech
  • There will be four videos in total. A teacher will have to record (Captain Opening, Speaker 2 , Speaker 3 and Captain Closing)
  • Teachers will be asked to send these videos to their Education Centre
  • It will be the Education Centre’s responsibility to upload these videos on a private YouTube link. Full training will be provided on how to do this
  • Education Centres will be asked to create a play list of the videos on a private YouTube link. Videos will be uploaded as Captain of school one, Captain of school two etc.
  • Education Centres will then send the link on YouTube to one Adjudicator
  • Adjudicators will be sent the marking sheet via email and asked to print. Adjudicators will be asked to then watch the debates via the YouTube link and mark the marking sheet.  When the adjudicators have watched the debate and filled in the marking sheet, they must return to the Education Centre either via email (scanned marking sheet or picture) and some brief feedback for both teams.  The debate will then be deleted from You Tube.