NIPT: Induction Workshops

Induction Workshops will be available online only during Term 1 2020 via the NIPT online learning platform:

Two new online workshops will be added: 

  • Teacher Professionalism and Well-Being NIPTWS01 (Cross-Sectoral)
  • Múineadh na Gaeilge NIPTWS12 (Primary) 

Please note that the primary Planning and Preparation induction workshop has been updated for 2020/21 to reflect current practices in planning and preparation. 

An Induction Workshops Calendar 2020/21 will not be released during Term 1. 

Please monitor the NIPT website for further updates.

NIPT: Droichead Cluster Meeting 1

Applications for the Droichead process are now open. As in previous years, NQTs must apply for Droichead via the ‘My Registration’ portal on and receive a confirmation email from the Teaching Council before registering for Cluster Meeting 1. 

Cluster Meeting 1 will be available online only during Term 1 2020. This provision will begin in early October via the NIPT online learning platform and will be available for NQTs to complete during their Droichead process at any time that is convenient for them. There will not be a requirement for NQTs to register with their local EC to attend or to have Form D stamped by their EC upon completion of Cluster Meeting 1. NIPT will manage the registration and attendance process during this time. Full details will be provided to NQTs who engage with this online cluster meeting on 

Please monitor the NIPT website for further updates.

Unfortunately, PST Training will also not be facilitated face-to-face in Term 1. Initially, RDOs will facilitate this training via the Zoom platform. It is anticipated that these events will begin late September/early October.

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