Induction Workshops

A suite of online workshops continues to be available to NQTs: 4 Primary workshops; 5 Post-Primary workshops and 3 Cross-Sectoral workshops.

Induction workshops are open to all NQTs to support their professional learning. While they are not a requirement of the Droichead process, many NQTs find it beneficial to use them as an Additional Professional Learning Activity.

Evidence-Based Behavioural Support (NIPTWS09) for Post-Primary NQTs has been added to the suite and is now available. 

Induction Workshop Notice Term 3

Please monitor the NIPT website for further updates.

NIPT: Droichead Cluster Meetings

Applications for the Droichead process are now open. As in previous years, NQTs must apply for Droichead via the ‘My Registration’ portal on and receive a confirmation email from the Teaching Council before registering for Cluster Meeting 1. 

Cluster Meetings

NQTs undertaking the Droichead process are required to complete one Cluster Meeting per term.

All NQTs must have applied to the Teaching Council to undertake the Droichead process by March 19th 2021 and received a confirmation email before registering for CM1.

Cluster Meeting 1 (CM1):  CM1 is available to NQTs via our online learning platform here and will be available online only during Term 3 2021. 

Cluster Meeting 2 (CM2): CM2 will be facilitated via Zoom from April 20th – 29th and dates/times will be released on the 12th and 19th. Protocols apply and those NQTs wishing to attend are required to familiarise themselves with them prior to registering. Protocols as well as the link to register for CM2 can be accessed here

Cluster Meeting 3 (CM3): CM3 will be facilitated in May.

There will not be a requirement for NQTs to register with their local EC to attend or to have Form D stamped by their EC upon completion of Cluster Meeting 1. NIPT will manage the registration and attendance process during this time. Full details will be provided to NQTs who engage with this online cluster meeting on 

Please monitor the NIPT website for further updates.

Unfortunately, PST Training will also not be facilitated face-to-face in Term 1. Initially, RDOs will facilitate this training via the Zoom platform. It is anticipated that these events will begin late September/early October.

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