I would like to inform you, that as per circular 61/2015 and associated clarification letter, there will be no national roll-out of Primary Language Seminars in the coming academic year.

The 2018/19 year will instead involve teachers implementing and embedding the Primary Language Curriculum (PLC) from Junior Infants to Second Class. To allow schools time to engage in this process, ‘an additional planning day to assist in the implementation of the Primary Language Curriculum’ has been sanctioned by the Department for the coming academic year. (Circular 16/2018) This closure will be school-based and therefore will be organised by the school themselves. Further clarification on this school closure is due to be issued from DES to schools shortly.

If schools require further support as they continue to implement the PLC in the 2018/19 academic year, they can apply for PDST support in the following ways:

(i) School Support: Schools can apply online to receive an advisor visit to support them in the areas of both Literacy and/or Gaeilge. Applications for support will open on 1st June 2018 on http://www.pdst.ie/schoolsupport. (School support typically involves one advisor visit, depending on advisor capacity.)

(ii) Sustained Support: Schools can alternatively apply online for sustained support, a model which involves receiving multiple visits from an advisor over the course of the academic year. Schools need to complete an application form to apply for this model of support and they can apply for support in both Literacy and/or Gaeilge. Sustained support applications will also open on 1st June 2018 on http://www.pdst.ie/schoolsupport.

(iii) Evening Workshops: A variety of evening workshops for Literacy and Gaeilge will be made available in Education Centres as per usual.