• Educational Games for Kids
Impressive list of reading/writing, maths, typing and coding games for all ages from pre-school to 6th class.
• Web links-Primary School -General (for ‘Educational Activities-General’ Folder)
74 Kids Quizzes- Question & Answers
• Go Noodle
Music, song and dance videos mostly for pre-teens.
• Super Simple Songs
A collection of kids’ songs and nursery rhymes for young learners (pre-school and early primary), with animation and puppetry, making learning simple and fun.
• Toy Theater – Online Educational Games for Kids
(Maths, Read, Art, Puzzle, Game)
• National Geographic Kids
Games, quizzes, videos and loads more!
• ABCYA- Learning Games
Literacy and Maths games for all levels.
• Blockly
• Crash Course For Kids
Short (3-4 mins) Youtube Videos on a Variety of Topics
• The Kids Should See This – Smart Videos for Curious Minds of all
• Ted Ed – Videos for