The Shona Project – Celebrating Girls and Young Women
A website for girls and young women helping us celebrate our successes and face our challenges.
Deals with anxiety, depression, body image, self-esteem, family drama, social media, exams stress, hormones, sexuality, relationships, bullying and more.
Compassion approaches for supporting young people (56 mins)
In this webinar Dr Ciara Mahon, post-doctoral research fellow in the UCD School of Psychology, talks about the importance of helping young people to be self-compassionate.
How to Self-Care: The Ultimate Checklist (3.36)
A teenage girl gives self-care advice.
A young woman talks about things that, had she known earlier, would have made life easier for her in post-primary school. Includes advice on dealing with failure, gossiping and coping with anger.
REALEST advice for teen girls you will ever hear (7.41)
Christine DiAmore gives advice to young women about relationships and more.
My Self-Care Routine - How to Destress (9.47)
A young male adult gives advice to teens about how to take care of themselves.
12 things men should do every day... (14.29)
Includes having a morning routine, exercise, keep learning, spend time with family, spend some time alone, sleep well, be organised, journaling and push yourself.
6 Self-Care Tips for Teens (14.14)
A young female adult gives advice to teens about how to take care of themselves.
A Self-Care Action Plan (5.01)
Three steps describing how adults can look after themselves.
13 Steps To Self-Care - Tips For A Better You (10.35)
For adults, practicing self-care will not only help you improve yourself (physically, mentally and emotionally), but it will also help you to become more confident, creative and productive.
Self-Care in High School (6.45)
In this video self-care, we hear from middle school, high school, and college students about the stresses they face, and how they practice self-care to manage.