Dealing with Anxiety
MindYourSelfie Classroom Presentation on Mental Health/Secondary School 27 mins
Video presentation by Dr. Colman Noctor suitable for secondary school students.
Rocks, Pebbles, Sand and Beer 3.05
Video reminding us to pay attention to the important things in our lives.
Generalised anxiety disorders – 3 mins 44 secsyoutube
Four ways to cope with anxiety – 3 mins 38 secsyoutube
Overcoming Anxiety/Embrace the Suck/ Jonas Kolker/ TEDxThe MastersSchool-10 minsyoutube
How neuroplasticity helps you shape the brain you want and improve learning/ Dr Lara Boyd-14 minsyoutube
Fight, Flight, Freeze – Anxiety Explained for Teens– 2 mins 41 secsyoutube
Therapy in a Nutshell – Emma McAdam
Therapy in a Nutshell: Introduction – My Mission – Emma McAdam. 1.10
The Triune Brain. 5.08youtube
Fight Flight Freeze Response – Anxiety Skill #1. 5.02youtube
How to turn off the Fight, Flight, Freeze Response. Anxiety skill # 4: Grounding- the bottom up approach. 6.46youtube
Grounding Technique #6: Straighten the Back-Using Posture to Regain Your Power. 5.45youtube
Grounding Exercise: Anxiety Skill #5. 3.14youtube
Grounding Activity for Anxiety #7 – Creating a Safe Place. 7.46youtube
Grounding Activity for Anxiety #9 – Breath Counting. 3.19youtube
Grounding Activity for Anxiety #10 – Square Breathing. 4.59youtube
Grounding Activity for Anxiety #8 – Re-orientating to the Present-Present Moment Awareness. 3.20youtube
Grounding Activity: ‘Drawing Safety’ Anxiety Skill #7. 2.14youtube
Corona Virus Disease (Covid-190 – News Anxiety and Your Ancient Brain: 10 Skills to Manage Anxiety when the News is Scary. 15.11youtube
Pelvic Floor Relaxation (Anxiety Skill #10). 4.27youtube
How to Keep Calm Under Pressure – 3 Quick Tips