Parents of Junior students, particularly First years, have a major responsibility in the establishment of good study habits at an early stage. While it is important to encourage a developing sense of personal responsibility and self-motivation on the one hand, close direction and monitoring is necessary on the other. Maturity does not necessarily come with age. If you are unhappy with the level of progress, direct intervention is vital. Don’t be slow to act. 

(i) Help your son or daughter to make out a workable home study and leisure timetable. Insist that it is followed. Some compromise may be necessary.

(ii) Ensure that she/he uses the homework journal correctly.

(iii) Check that written work, learning work and regular revision is completed to a high standard.

(iv) Ensure that the journal is signed every weekend.

(v) Sign any notes written by the class teacher or subject teachers.

(vi) Use the journal to keep in regular communication with the school.

(vii) Ensure the Code of Behaviour is observed in all respects.

 In general, maintain a watching (if unobtrusive) brief on your child’s educational progress throughout the first three years at second level.