NB 1: Message to students using these resources:

These Leaving Cert subject resources are intended as an additional resource to assist you in your home study. They are not intended as a substitute or replacement for the ongoing work you are engaged in under the close guidance of your teachers. Please follow the direction of your individual subject teacher and use these resources as a supplement where appropriate.

NB 2: Message to teachers:

These Leaving Cert subject resources are intended as an additional resource to assist you in your important and onerous task of providing ongoing instruction, guidance, help and support to your students during the period of school closures and beyond. Feel free to refer your students to any of the resources which you judge to be appropriate from time to time.


The following is a list of general resources that may be of use to Leaving Cert students. In some cases, they may be also sited under our specific subject resources. Where this is the case, it might be better to access the resource through the subject link in order to achieve a more immediate, focused and less distracting experience. So, maybe check out the subject resource first.

An exam-focused tool with past exam questions broken down by topic, mock papers, exam papers, and, with certain subjects, video solutions. Various free and premium options available with discounts in some cases.
Website, created by former students, with free resources such as study plans, predictions, sample answers, motivation and how to study tips. Features paid notes that cover the entire leaving cert course in a wide range of subjects. Samples available before purchasing. Each subject costs roughly €40.
General purpose tool to aid revision, including past papers, video tutorials, sample answers, MCQs (multiple choice quizzes). Many free resources (basic) with a charge for others (premium).
A free resource with thousands of lessons on many subjects for all ages and types of learner. Has learner, teacher and parent sections. Click on the ‘Courses’ button to view the extensive range of topics or complete your own search. Relevant content for leaving certificate students can be found among the videos.
Edco EBooks
Edco is currently offering access to Leaving Certificate books for free. Login using the following details – Username: lcedcobooks, Password: edco2020
Fun, yet challenging, revision resources to suit all students. Easy to use platform with flashcards which help avoid writing notes. A premium (paid) version is available.
Dublin Academy of Education YouTube
YouTube channel featuring videos on many leaving cert topics in many subjects, including Maths, English, Irish, French, Business and Geography.
Crash Course
Youtube channel featuring videos that cover broad areas of various subjects. Might be a good starting point before getting into the specifics with notes, textbooks or exam paper questions. Not Leaving Certificate focused, but useful, nonetheless.
Online grinds school featuring videos tutorials in a wide range of Leaving certificate subjects. Each subject currently costs €99. Some discounts may apply.
Online grinds and personal tutoring service covering most leaving cert subjects. Currently charging €35 per week, per subject.