NB 1: Message to students using these resources:

These Leaving Cert subject resources are intended as an additional resource to assist you in your home study. They are not intended as a substitute or replacement for the ongoing work you are engaged in under the close guidance of your teachers. Please follow the direction of your individual subject teacher and use these resources as a supplement where appropriate.

NB 2: Message to teachers:

These Leaving Cert subject resources are intended as an additional resource to assist you in your important and onerous task of providing ongoing instruction, guidance, help and support to your students during the period of school closures and beyond. Feel free to refer your students to any of the resources which you judge to be appropriate from time to time.


  • The Geography Page​

A website with marking schemes, sample essays and notes on all parts of the course.



  • Dublin Academy of Education YouTube

YouTube channel featuring videos on many leaving cert topics in many subjects, including Maths, English, Irish, French, Business and Geography. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYX8SwIoZ7Mjizw1_eQ6kUA


  • Eoin Hughes’ Geography Videos​

Videos focused on physical geography showing the processes involved in the formation of various features or landforms. Also with videos on Map Reading and the Geographical Investigation fieldwork.



  • Eoin Hughes’ Geography Drive​ ​

Link to this geography teacher’ google drive containing sample answers and notes for all sections of the course.



  • Educate.ie Higher Level Geography 2010 – 2014 Paper Solutions​

Sample answers to 4 years of the exam with tips on answering technique throughout.



  • Rochestown College – LC Geography Sample Answers (by Students​ )​

A selection of essays written by students mainly focusing on the regional geography section of the paper. A useful exercise might be for students to use the marking schemes (found elsewhere in this section) to assess the quality of these answers.



  • Geography SRPs Model Answer Book​

Answers to a wide range of questions, laid out by means of significant relevant points, SRPs, presented in bullet form and bold type.



  • Geography Scoilnet

A link to LC Geography resources available through the Scoilnet website.



  • Geography Studyclix

A link to LC Geography resources available through the Studyclix website.



  • Precision Revision​

This is a site which has free access to some resources but requires payment for others. Includes a guide to fieldwork, sample answers for past paper questions, advice on exam technique and some podcasts.