Embracing Shared Communities Project: Strand A – Training and Development

about-you-about-me  About Me, About Us. Celebrating Diversity in Co. Monaghan Schools

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Please visit www.aboutmeaboutus.ie an interactive website for primary schools.

Monaghan Education Centre is delighted to announce the launch of two exciting new teaching resource for primary schools in Monaghan.

Designed by teachers in Monaghan schools, as part of the Embedding Tolerance in our Young People project, these innovative resources are adaptable for use in schools throughout the county and further afield.

The resource ‘About Me, About Us’, a series of lesson plans for primary schools, is available to download from this website.

Financed by the Peace III programme, through Monaghan Peace III Partnership, both resources are designed to address issues of diversity, sectarianism, bullying and racism in our schools.

About Me, About Us provides teachers at primary level with a framework for dealing with issues of diversity in the classroom.  It contains basic information and activities that can be adapted to suit pupils of all levels, ages and abilities.  It incorporates the areas of English, History, Geography, SPHE, Religion, Art, Music, PE and Drama.

There are hundreds of ways to approach this material.  We encourage you to find your own way through.

The level of ongoing support for the programme and resources at primary and post-primary level is evidenced from these comments:

“I feel we have a resource we can be very proud of.  It will be used in schools in Monaghan for many years to come.  I have enjoyed my whole multi-cultural experience and will continue to promote tolerance of all cultures in my life and among the children I teach.” Primary Participant

“This teaching resource is a significant educational development. In our increasingly diverse Monaghansociety, it will assist the holistic development of the children in our care…They will learn that diversity is an issue for everyone, notjust our friends from other countries.” Primary Principal