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ResourceLinkVideo Duration (minutes)
Wellbeing (SPHE) for Young Children (TWINKLE)
A variety of resources for children from Junior Infants to Sixth class, exploring Wellbeing and Social, Personal and Health Education.
The Child Centre Method is a unique and innovative method to help children with learning, behavioural and emotional issues.
MindYourSelfie – Classroom Presentation on Mental Health/Primary School
Video presentation by Dr. Colman Noctor (with illustrations) suitable for upper primary (or Junior Cert) students
Rocks, Pebbles, Sand and Beer
Video reminding us to pay attention to the important things in our lives.
Walk in My Shoes Video – Exercise 1 – Mindfulness of Breath
This exercise can be repeated regularly and is a core Mindfulness skill.
Walk in My Shoes Video – Exercise 2 – Body Scan
This exercise will help you become aware of how you are.
Walk in My Shoes Video – Exercise 3 – Leaves on a Stream
This exercise will help you notice your thoughts and then let them go.
Walk in My Shoes Audio – Exercise 4 – Dropping the Anchor
This exercise will help you learn how to ground yourself in the present moment.
Walk in My Shoes Video – Exercise 5 – Notice 5 Things
This exercise will help you slow down and engage with what is happening around you.
Walk in My Shoes Video – Exercise 6 – Being Mindful of your Thoughts
This exercise shows you how busy your mind can be.
Cosmic Kids – Yoga, relaxation and Minfulness for Kids
Large choices of fun-filled action videos for pre-school and early primary school children.
Mindfulness Videos for Kids in Challenging Times – Video 1: Introduction
A short introductory video for parents, guardians & teachers explaining the purpose of the video series. Explored in each video is one mindfulness technique that children can use to respond to heightened emotions and achieve greater emotional equilibrium. Two adults, Suzanne and Dominic, role play the situations.
Mindfulness Videos for Kids in Challenging Times – Video 2: Worry
This video involves a role play between adult (Suzanne) and child (Dominic) on a Breathing Technique that can be used when feeling worried. Suzanne shows Dominic how to relax and reduce anxious thoughts.
Mindfulness Videos for Kids in Challenging Times – Video 3: Anger & Frustration
In this video Suzanne, as a child, is feeling angry and frustrated. Dominic, as the adult, shows Suzanne the Superstar Stretch Technique. This helps Suzanne to cool down.
Mindfulness Videos for Kids in Challenging Times – Video 4: Feeling Sad
In this video Suzanne, a 6th class pupil, is feeling sad and frustrated because of missing all the end of year milestones. Dominic teaches her the Vacuum Cleaner Agh Breath – a useful Mindfulness technique.
Mindfulness Videos for Kids in Challenging Times – Video 5: Kindness
Friends have made fun of Dominic online. He feels he is not really good at anything. Suzanne gets him to practice a short mindfulness meditation, Sit like a Mountain, that invites a sense of self-kindness and inner strength – even in the face of difficulties.
Mindfulness Videos for Kids in Challenging Times – Video 6: Feeling Frustrated
Suzanne is 11 and is feeling frustrated about life under Covid 19. Dominic helps her to recognise what frustration feels like in the body. Then he shows her a simple technique that allows her to transform her frustration into something much lighter and more energised.
Mindfulness Videos for Kids in Challenging Times – Video 7: Gratitude
Dominic is feeling a bit miserable because of all the things he hasn’t been able to do recently. Suzanne, encourages him to notice how his emotions are reflected in the sensations he can feel in his body. She re-directs his attention and he opens up to the possibility of gratitude even in the midst of disappointment.
Baby Shark Hand Washing Video
Showing very young children how to wash their hands properly during Covid-19 pandemic.
How to See Germs (Coronavirus) Spread thekidshouldseethis.com10.20
How Soap and Water Kills Coronavirus thekidshouldseethis.com3.41
How False News Can Spread – Noah Tavlined.ted.com3.41