Perhaps the key to success is good organisation.

(i) Parents could start by reading through this study guide in order to familiarise themselves with the advice which it gives to students.

(ii) Where possible, students should be provided with a suitable quiet place to study.

(iii) Try to provide them with the necessary time for home study. Check their study and leisure timetable and ensure that it is followed. Strike a suitable balance between study time, household chores and sporting, leisure and entertainment activities.

(iv) Try to establish regular mealtimes so that study and other activities can be slotted in appropriately.

(v) Tackle the thorny issue of part-time jobs. These are not recommended, particularly in Junior or Leaving Certificate years. Students with part- time jobs have three major commitments: study, leisure and the job. They too often give in to the temptation of reducing their study time to maintain their other two commitments. Students should continue with a part-time job only if the quantity and quality of study is not interfered with or if students are prepared to sacrifice some of their leisure time to keep the job. Which is preferable – short term financial gain or long-term educational achievement? It is a question of priorities.