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‘Supporting Progression to Post Primary – for Parents and Pupils in Sixth Class’. (1.50)
Description: Recording of a webinar, hosted by Monaghan Education Centre on 10 June 2020, dealing with the process of transfer from primary and induction to secondary school.
Contributors describe the practicalities surrounding this significant change and address concerns and anxieties which sixth class students and their parents might experience.
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‘Oh The Places You’ll Go’ – Message to Sixth Class 2020childrenbooksireland.ie56
‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’ – the Scripts
Description: A pdf with the photographs and text of the messages in the video from 15 of the contributors.
Mind the Gap – Video - Transition Steps from Primary to Post Primary
A video to use in conjunction with the ‘Mind the Gap’ workbook. Features typical questions a first-year student might have about the new school and interviews with students who have successfully made the transition.
Mind the Gap – Workbook - Transition Steps from Primary to Post Primary
Exercises to help pupils negotiate second level timetables, teacher expectations, new environments and the journey from established social groups into new social relations.
‘My Progression to Secondary School’ Workbook
Description: A pdf containing 20 pages of activities to help sixth class pupils prepare for ‘moving on’ to second level.
“Moving Up” ... The experiences of First Year Students in Post Primary education
A powerpoint presentation summarizing the main findings of a report on the main issues in the transition from primary to secondary and including advice to second level schools.
Transition from Primary to Post Primary
Transfer/Transition from Primary to Secondary School
Description: A word document providing information for parents/guardians on the general process used by most second level schools when planning the induction of first year students. Includes some tips to ease the transfer.
Transition from Primary to Secondary School
SEN Transition from Primary to Post-Primary
Description: A slideshow describing the challenges facing students with special educational needs and strategies teachers and schools, at both primary and second level, can adapt to make to ease the change.
SEN Transition from Primary to Post-Primary for Children with SEN
10 Tips for Starting Secondary School
Short animation offering advise for students starting second level.
10 Tips for Starting Secondary School
More tips to ease the transfer to your new school.
Primary Transfer
Second level students answer some questions asked by an in-coming first year.
Secondary School Induction Day – 10 Tips from a Teacher
Tips a secondary teacher would give to a ‘younger self’. The main focus is on simple communication skills.
Moving up from Primary to Secondary
Short video where first year students talk about moving to secondary school.
Transition Tales
Students talking about the move to secondary school and the worries that come with it.
Starting High School
Students in a US school talk about starting second level.
Going from Primary to Secondary
Secondary students share insights about moving from primary to secondary. Covers the worst things and the best things about secondary school and also includes advice for parents and guardians.
In Transit – from Primary to Secondary
This video is about the transfer process in Victoria, Australia, but it still offers very good advice which will ease the process.