ResourceLinkVideo Duration (minutes)
Memory: Crash Course Study Skills # 1 youtube10.51
Revision Tips – Beating Exam Stressyoutube2.06
Studying for Exams: Crash Course Study Skills # 7 youtube8.58
How to Revise for Exams – 7 Study Tips Supported by Science youtube6.02
How to Revise for Exams Effectively – 10 Revision Techniques youtube12.11
How to Revise for Exams Effectively – 8 Revision Techniques youtube3.55
How to Memorise Fast and Easily youtube7.05
Nicola Morgan Talking About Exams (19.00)
The Teenage Brain Women, Nicola Morgan, talks about dealing with exams and points out that they are stressful because they are supposed to be. But a bit of stress, well-managed, actually helps us pull out the best performance on the day.