iPad Training for Teachers

Course Content The course consists of two, 1.5 hour sessions, and includes the following: iPad purchase options (Education, Refurbished iPads)Basic iPad tutorialsAn introduction to using iPads in a classroom environmentIdeas for classroom implementation of iPadsPresentation of Video examples of teachers using tablets in the classroomiPads for AssessmentCreating content on an iPadApp purchase; Apple Volume Licensing programiPad

‘Education Leaders’ Role in Staff Resilience’

The role of the Principal, Senior & Middle Management Teams in building and maintaining a Resilient Workforce Understanding ‘resilience’ as a concept – personal resilience and organisational resilience. Connecting Resilience and Social & Emotional Intelligence. Are you a ‘resilient’ person?  Learn how to measure and strengthen your resilience levels. How do your ‘resilience’ levels impact your Leadership style, workplace culture


Monaghan Education Centre in partnership with Youth Work Ireland Cavan/Monaghan, The Children and Young People Services Committee and Cavan/Monaghan Education and Training Board are pleased to offer your school an opportunity to attend a Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Intersex Capacity Building Training Day in Monaghan Education Centre.


Izak9consists of 27 brightly coloured cubes, with each face being populated with different combinations of colour, number and shape. These cubes come accompanied with a suite of online tasks. The tasks are aimed specifically at the “Maths skills development” section of the curriculum – problem solving, integration, critical thinking ,collaboration etc.