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Let’s Get Regulated – Information for Teenagers (includes video links)
Resource pack from NCSE for teenagers encouraging Self-Care. Divided into 3 sections: 1. Taking Care of You, 2. Taking Time to Chill, and 3. Doing Something You Enjoy. Some good video links.
Gaisce at Home
Whether you are already doing the Gaisce Awards or if you wish to start now, this is essential reading. Great opportunity to put your free time to good use and achieve a highly rated award.
Minding your mental health during Covid-19 Outbreak
Link to things you can do to mind your mental health during difficult times.
Mental Health supports and services during COVID-19
Link to a comprehensive list of online counselling and supports for young people.
rehab4addiction: A UK website which deals with all types of addiction (alcohol/drug, behavioural) and mental health issues and their treatment.
What to do if we’re concerned
Managing our own worries and helping children understand (from Cavan Monaghan CYPSC)
Generalised anxiety disordersyoutube3.44
Four ways to cope with anxietyyoutube3.38
Fight, Flight, Freeze – Anxiety Explained for Teensyoutube2.41
The Triune Brainyoutube5.08
Corona Virus Disease (Covid-190 – News Anxiety and Your Ancient Brain: 10 Skills to Manage Anxiety when the News is Scaryyoutube15.11
Walk in My Shoes-Parenting Advice for Young People – 3 Podcasts
Advice for parents talking to their children about difficult issues around Mental Health and Wellbeing.